post | grad | mumbles

There are a few things they don’t warn you about when it comes to post-grad life. It’s not something that really even crosses your mind as you’re googling graduation hat decorations on Pinterest and spending a few too many nights at “your” bar. (Just me?) And, to be quite honest, you shouldn’t have to think about what’s to come. Your job is to live in the moment. Embrace the now. Embrace the free pizza.

Lucky for you, I’ve done the unofficial research. And here are my findings. Let the things they don’t warn you about post-grad life commence! (Pun intended.)

  1. You’re going to get way too excited when you see a fellow alumnus from your alma mater. I mean, break-your-neck-to-see-them, smile-when-they-cut-you-off, hope-they-rear-end-you-so-you-have-an-excuse-to-talk-to-them excited. I have driven semi-dangerously just to pull up next to a car and mouth “OU, Oh Yeah!” to a car looking at me like the crazy lady I am.
  2. You’ll be so thankful you left the bad eggs at school. Senior year is your time to truly discover who you would like to remain connected with post-grad. Friendships aren’t as easy to maintain as “hey, going to the bar, see you in 5.” They require planning, effort, and postage stamps.
  3. You’ll think really | really | really deeply about your life and your own happiness. Now that 9-5 is a reality for you, you’ll wonder how people find fulfillment living 40 years or so of their lives this way.
  4. You’ll Google a lot of weird things. I once Googled “how to have a dance party by yourself.” Before you judge, know that I had just moved to a new city where my closest friends lived an hour and a half or more away. And, in case you were wondering, the results are as weird as you would think.
  5. You’ll second guess not majoring in whatever your second option was. “Should I have gone to medical school?””Maybe those education majors were on to something with the whole summers off thing.” I’m telling you, you’ll think about it. Then five minutes later you will snap back to reality and realize that the last time you were around blood you almost passed out. Or that kids are gross.
  6. Living by yourself will teach you more about yourself than any college education ever could.
  7. You’ll realize that although college will take a few of the best years of your life, they certainly aren’t the only best years of your life. I can confidently say that the past year has been one of the best years of my life.
  8. Didn’t meet the love of your life in college? IT | IS | OKAY. I thought my prime years were over. Last show of your favorite Netflix show over. Last page of your favorite book over. Little did I know it would come shortly after.

I’ve come a long way since waking up the morning of commencement with pink eye and pretending like it wasn’t happening as I represented the entire graduating class of Ohio University on the platform which was projected on a Jumbotron and streamable worldwide. Yes, I was the one coughing hysterically with tears streaming down my face that weren’t out of sadness.

Did I just ruin all of my credibility? Possibly. Did I make you feel like you’re going to be okay? Definitely. And that’s what I’m here for.


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